Residential Construction Plan Requirements

Two (2) complete sets of the following:

  1. Foundation plan showing
    1. Overall size and dimensions
    2. Footing and foundation sizes
    3. Pier or column footing sizes and spacing
    4. Pilaster locations
    5. Foundation vents size and locations (if applicable)
    6. Crawlspace access size and location (if applicable)
    7. Size and location of girder (s) to be used (if applicable)
    8. Sill plate and anchoring
    9. Floor joist size and directions
    10. Typical cross section (may be combined with building cross section)
    11. Final exterior grade
    12. Delaware licensed engineer seal required on piling foundations
  2. Floor plan showing
    1. Overall size and dimensions
    2. Room sizes and labeled uses (including garages, porches, decks and fireplaces)
    3. Window sizes and locations
    4. Door sizes and locations
    5. Attic access size and location
    6. Type of HVAC equipment and locations
    7. Type of appliances (if gas or electric)
    8. All stair locations (if applicable)
    9. All header size, type, and locations
  3. Cross section of structure (including  house, garages, porches, and decks) showing
    1. All girder/beam, joist, wall, rafter (or truss)and post sizes and spacing
    2. Footing and foundation type, sizes and locations (crawlspace, basement, slab on grade…)
    3. Sub floor type and size
    4. Exterior wall coverings
    5. Roof pitches and covering
    6. Structures with upstairs to have full view cross sections
    7. Floor or roof truss, girder/beam and column specs with Delaware seals not required to be submitted at time of plan review.
  4. Elevations of structure showing
    1. Front, rear and sides
  5. Specific Requirements:
    1. Plans must be drawn to a legible scale
    2. Piling plans shall submit plans bearing a licensed Delaware engineer seal.
    3. Energy compliance worksheet (Res-Check) designed to the 2012 IEEC must be provided for all new homes at time of plan submittal.
    4. Manual J & S forms must be provided for all new homes at time of plan submittal.