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pdf iconCommunity Data—Quarter Two, 2014 edition

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Community Data is published quarterly by the Sussex County government's Economic Development office. The primary purpose is to facilitate employers' site selection processes. Those interested in relocating or expanding their existing businesses, or those starting a new business, need to have easy access to timely demographic information. News concerning existing businesses is referenced for the express intent to stimulate networking opportunities and communicate the latest accomplishments in a positive fashion.

Meetings, summits, expos, workshops and conferences pertinent to job-creation efforts are highlighted to enhance participation. Often there is a followup provided to offer timely information on the activities of those holding the events. There is no intention to be all-inclusive.

Please feel free to use Community Data as a point of reference. And remember, the Sussex County Economic Development office is here to help you. We welcome your questions, comments or concerns related to job creation in Sussex County.

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