Tax Refund Request

A refund may be requested by completing a Refund Request form, either electronically or printing a PDF version. If requesting a refund electronically, complete the electronic request below, and upload all supporting documents**. If faxing or mailing your request, complete the PDF version of the request form, and send with copies of supporting documents**. Refunds will not be processed if Refund Request form is incomplete.

** Payment Receipt or Cancelled check (Front & Back)

* Required Fields

SECTION A: Requestor

SUBMIT WITH THIS FORM: Proof of payment (maximum of 3), consisting of front and back copies of canceled check(s) or a payment receipt from Sussex County Government. Approved refunds are issued within 30 days after the completed form and all documents are received and processed.

SECTION B: Refund Information (Property Information)
SECTION C: If refund is for Requestor, skip this section