Tips on How to Avoid Sewer Clogs from Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

Clogged pipe

Leftover fats, oils and grease (FOG) from both commercial and residential kitchens are a common problem for public utilities. If discarded down drains and into the sewer system, clogs can build up in the collection pipes...just as fatty goods can clog the arteries of the heart! As a result, sewers can overflow and create sanitation concerns and costly repairs for customers served in the surrounding area.

"Use Your Brain, Not the Drain!" Sewer systems are no place for fats, oils and grease.

The most effective way to prevent FOG clogs is to avoid pouring it down the drain in the first place. Listed here are some simple steps you can take when disposing of fats, oils, and grease in your kitchen.

Practice Dry Cleaning Methods

  • SCRAPE, THEN WASH The use of water while cleaning FOG from pots, pans and dishes leads the contents down a drain. Before washing, try allowing the FOG to dry, then scrape the waste into a trash can for proper disposal.
  • USE PAPER TOWELS Disposable paper towels, instead of washable cloth towels, are best when wiping down workstations or countertops. Cloth rags can soak up and trap grease, which will get rinsed out and filter down the drain when the rag is washed. Disposable paper towels can absorb FOG just as easily, and don’t need to be washed afterward. Just toss them into the trash.
  • LEAVE SCREENS ALONE Do not remove any drain screens.

How Do I Discard My Fats, Oils, and Grease?

  • Never pour or scrape any FOG down any drain; instead, dispose of fats, oils and grease into a trash can lined with a bag.
  • Use grease traps in drains. Clean grease traps on a regular basis.
  • Filter cooking oil to prolong longevity, and recycle used oil. Private contractors are available for hire for commercial kitchens. By cleaning and re-using oil, the amount of oil that gets discarded can be reduced.
  • Make signs reading 'NO GREASE' over any sinks or drains to remind employees.
  • Do not discard fatty foods down any garbage disposal.

Prevent Spills Before They Happen!

  • Do not allow containers holding FOG to become full.
  • Use lids on containers when transporting any fats, oils, or grease.
  • Move containers holding fats, oils and grease as little as possible.

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